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// The Situation

The most consistent fumble I've seen over my 20 years of business building, investing + sales consulting…. 


Is sellers not being prepared for the VERY first meeting with a potential decision maker :: 

  • Those seeking funding

  • Those trying to land their first 3 logos

  • Those trying to snipe that top developer from a larger competitor

When this takes place, the rest of the sales process is toast. Sound familiar?

// The Solution

Complete preparedness and sales confidence delivered in a fun, engaging, easy to follow model taught side by side one of the topped ranked Conversion sales specialists in the country.


// Framework

Our LIVE, immersive, consulting engagements teach our Conversation to Close program to help YOU master 3 key skills to winning more deals :: 

First Call Framework, provides a natural to follow talk track that helps you quickly determine if each prospect is the right fit & if so, how to set up complete control of the rest of the sales process. 

Syncing the Sales Process, is the a-z step order you will follow to successfully control every meeting & in between step mutually held from from kick off to propose.

Proposals that Close, is the ONLY pitch perfect flow you will ever need to follow to hear yes more. Our proven  formula presents ROI, 3rd party proof & blue sky opportunity packaged in a way that very few say no to. 

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// Delivery

To maximize time, retention, & comprehension we deliver every concept in 3 phases for reinforced learning. 

Accompanying Step by Step Template for easy understanding of the next step to be covered in the coming session.

Overview explainer video of each step sent between each session for advanced preperation. 

90 minute Live, Group Learning & Role Play sessions held weekly, focused on live deal advancement & real-life application.

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// Outcome

Even more than the success that follows every engagement, our clients RAVE about walking away with :: 


Muscle memory like comfort  when engaging with new prospects thanks to our easy to follow first call framework.

Paint by number ease when applying our step by step Sales Process that puts YOU in charge by removing "guess" steps. 

A pitch process framework that increases your odds of  hearing yes more by leveraging our proposal flow that defends your pricing with irrefutable ROI, value, solve & 3rd party proof right up front. 
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What is the time commitment?

Every engagement requires two 90 minute sessions each week. Pre-session templates & explainer videos are provided in between so that each session is laser focused. The desired outcome for every session is applied learning via expeditious deal advancement.  


How does the program work?

To increase retention and real life application, we teach 

each and every step in our process via 3 phases:

a. sharing the why behind each concept

b. providing real-life application stories + outcomes of each

c. putting each step to work via LIVE-deals you are working.


What is the average success rate of your clients?

Success cannot be guaranteed as I cannot force someone's work ethic OR coachability. That being said, our students that committed to every session have experienced 2-3x revenue growth within 3-6 months after learning our program resulting in several life-changing exits, acquisitions & financial freedom. If you commit, it works. 


How is this different from other sales books/courses? 

We believe that sales is the best lifeskill you can learn. A skill that can set you financially free, gain you unmatched confidence & help make even your wildest dreams possible. Thus, we don't teach flash in the pan "tips" or "tricks" we teach timeless methodologies that help turn your communication prowess into a powerful tool that ANYONE can master if provided the right path to follow. 

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