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5x founder.    Salesman.    Speaker.    Builder.   Believer. 


Have you ever been told...

"The good life ain't gonna happen for YOU kid."

I have. Many times over. 

Ironically, it was these mindless put downs I heard so many times that in the end, set me free. 

You see, I was raised in a tiny town in northern Minnesota, free range, by hearty parents and fun loving neighbors. BB gun fights, rock wars and lake life was on the agenda daily.

Needless to say, defiance was in my blood.

So to hear from a highschool guidance counselor, "you aren't going to amount to much" became the exact fuel this rule breaker needed to set up what was to follow.


Today - after 5 businesses built, lake/mountain houses filled & more adventure captured on camera than we can process....

We live the "good life" alright.


My dad worked on the Railroad for 30 years, my mom at the Post Office for 32.

I wasn’t as handy as my old man, nor as organized as my mom.

In fact, I barely graduated high school and was told by my guidance counselor that “I better learn how to swing a hammer or good luck.”

I learned how to sell instead.

The ability to comfortably convert interest into money is a life skill that has set me free.

Today I empower others, by teaching them how. 

Over the last decade, I have minted more millionaires than I can count thanks to my practical & easy to follow sale coaching process.

As a 5x founder, avid investor & coach, I will say without waiver, anything is possible if you learn this skill....
Regardless of what your high school guidance counselor thinks ;)

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