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5x founder.    Salesman.    Speaker.    Builder.   Believer. 


Have you ever been told...

"The good life ain't gonna happen for YOU kid."

I have. Many times over. 

Ironically, it was these mindless put downs I heard so many times that in the end, set me free. 

You see, I was raised in a tiny town in northern Minnesota, free range, by hearty parents and fun loving neighbors. BB gun fights, rock wars and lake life was on the agenda daily.

Needless to say, defiance was in my blood.

So to hear from a highschool guidance counselor, "you aren't going to amount to much" became the exact fuel this rule breaker needed to set up what was to follow.


Today - after 5 businesses built, lake/mountain houses filled & more adventure captured on camera than we can process....

We live the "good life" alright.


Mickeli Bedore is considered one of the TOP conversation to close experts in the country. His work has been featured in Men's Journal, Finance&Commerce, Touch of Modern & National Geographic. 

Mickeli helps entrepreneurs thrive by helping them scale their businesses via fractional sales coaching/consulting & live well by helping them find balance & purpose in the process.

After an 11 year, decorated corporate sales career spent in the top 1-3% of sales performers at some of the worlds biggest tech companies (IBM, Oracle, Verizon), he jumped into entrepreneurship full time in 2015.

5 startups later & countless lessons learned in the process, Mickeli reaches thousands weekly through his award winning podcast (Coffee&Closers) & newsletter (True North Revival). Openly, he shares stories of success, failure & everything in between. 

Today, whether from a stage, workshop or 1:1, Mickeli's True North is to help others find the quickest path to inspiration, opportunity & freedom. 

Why? Because he believes...

"Life is more fun when business is booming... on YOUR terms." 

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